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phone: 903-920-3001


3 thoughts on “Contact Morgan

  1. Thank you for sharing your talent with those who love seeing indescribable beauty–precious innocent faces! Your camera caught Blayklee’s expressions that can speak volumes! How we love (our favorite) “the sweet drip on the even-sweeter chin”, but they are all remarkable!
    We’re so appreciative of your posting all your photos of Blayklee. What a thrill it was to see your announcement that she was the winner of your Cutest Kid Contest! We’re a distance away so your pictures of this precious little cherub help fill a void for us! We love Carly and Blayklee and so wish we could see them more often.
    Sammye and Rick Mantooth, Blayklee’s great grandparents
    Jill Hughes’, Blayklee’s paternal grandmother’s parents
    Eric Stewart, Blayklee’s daddy’s maternal grandparents

  2. Hi Morgan-
    I am contacting you to see if you can give me an idea on pricing. I was wanting to try and set up a session for me and my boyfriend around the first of the year. Nothing to extravagant just about a 30-1hr would be plenty. Jessica Bailey sent me over to you. Hope you can help me.

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